George is from Kenya and I’m from Ireland. In March 2020 we moved to France, only two weeks before the first Covid lockdown as it turned out. We had spent the previous five years in Prague. Before that we lived in Australia.
Yes, gypsies.

George: OK, so you already know I’m the tallest mammal on Earth. Not bragging, but I can also sprint at 50km/hr. I cruise along nicely at 15.

Dozzle can just about keep up with me on her bike. . . depending on which bike. There’s Basil her Brompton, her Ferrari she calls it, (sorry Dozzle, ‘him’) and Nellie, a big old heavy French high-nelly with thick tyres. She calls it (oops ‘her’) her 4WD. She’s looking for another one for the collection. Don’t ask, she’s got ‘a thing’ about bikes–and had the same about cars when she had more moolah.

More about me then. . . My neck is too darn short to reach the ground to have a drink of water. It’s awkward. Just as well I only need one every few days.
With beer, I don’t mind. Dozzle and I have a few most evenings. I miss Czech beer. French beer is woeful.

Most of my life is spent standing around, doing nothing in particular. I only need about 4 hours sleep. For a human, Dozzle doesn’t sleep much, about the same as me. I have power naps during the day, but only for a few minutes. Can’t break the habit of keeping on the lookout for lions. Dozzle’s power naps are longer. I often find her face down on her keyboard, snoring. 

Oh! almost forgot. My spots are like your fingerprints, unique. Bet you didn’t know that. 

Dozzle and I met in Australia the last time she was between husbands. She always kept a seat for me on a Friday night at her local in Melbourne. With places to go and people to see I always showed up late. So everyone was legless by then. Those who weren’t would act as if I was invisible. Huh!
Dozzle never got there early either and in time, the early arrivals started to keep seats for both of us. One way or another, my seat was always there for waiting for me. Dozzle made sure of that. That’s what I call a friend.
So we’ve hung out ever since.  

She was in her blonde phase in this photo. Woeful too. 

DozzleGeorge has said quite enough.

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